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A list of people I would like to see host the Tonys:


-Laura Benanti
-Susan Blackwell
-Sierra Boggess
-The Keenan-Bolgers as a group
-Andrew Rannells
-Ellen Degeneres
-Kristin Chenoweth
-Sean Hayes (again)
-Jefferson Mays
-Jonathan Groff
-Stephen Fry
-Bernadette Peters
-Stephen Colbert
-Zach Braff
-Alice Ripley (can you imagine omg)
-Stephanie J. Block
-Megan Hilty

A list of people I do not want to see host the Tonys:
-Hugh Jackman
-TV/Film Stars who have never been on Broadway

I want to stick through the next 2 and a half years at this school but a part of me just really wants to transfer but then I have to do the new school process all over again and I don’t wanna do that. I freaked everyone out last weekend with my post about taking the pills and I’m glad that people actually care about me but I almost couldn’t go back to school because of that damn post. 

I’m trying so hard to get better I really am. I just feel so out of place at this school and feel like I have nothing to offer to anybody here. Now I’m not going to do anything to myself but I just needed to let it all out and this is the only place I feel safe online. 

To my followers: I love you. thank you for helping me during this difficult time in my life. I appreciate it more than words can describe. <3



it was a simpler time


when you make a joke and someone tells you “that’s not very nice”


Frozen characters in Once Upon A Time